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Dr. Jennifer McGehee
Your Newnan Chiropractor

"Severe back and neck pain was living a life without hope. I would dread a night without sleep and a day with limitations. The excitement and zest for “life” was gone and depression took over. When I thought there was no hope, Balanced Family Wellness and Dr. Jen were introduced to me. Seventy percent of my pain is gone, along with the stiffness. The feelings of hopelessness have totally resolved and my energy has improved. I am so grateful to Dr. Jen and everyone in the office; I am telling everyone I know!" — Mary Beth Ottens

"For years, I suffered from headaches and migraines and was unable to function. Medications didn’t help. I am now headache-free, sleep better, and feel more alert and energetic. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Dr. Jen. She addressed and handled the problems or concerns I had with my health." — Kelli Overton, age 38

"It had been years since I had seen a chiropractor for an adjustment. I was experiencing heartburn and acid reflux and was referred to Dr. Jen. After the first adjustment, I immediately had more energy and just felt better. After a few visits, I had no more bouts of heartburn or acid reflux. Dr. Jen is a very capable practitioner and one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to." — Andy Bond, age 65

"Stress in my neck has always been a problem and a car accident caused more neck pain and headaches. With Dr. Jen, the change has been so positive. The pain, tension, and stress is gone and headaches are very rare. Dr. Jen will always help find an answer and solution to your health concerns. I have and will continue to refer to Balanced Family Wellness." — Kathy Tingle, age 56

"For the first nine weeks of Charlie’s life, he would wake during the night arching his back and crying, unable to sleep. During the day, he was restless, even unable to ride in his car seat. He was unable to keep milk down and was not gaining weight. He was hospitalized for six days with no answers. We came to Dr. Jen who helped identify a hiatal hernia. After starting adjustments, Charlie began sleeping and eating well, gaining weight, and is now a happy, calm, sweet little boy! The rest of the children come to maintain great health. Adjustments always help minimize a cold (which happens seldom). We greatly value and appreciate the service Dr. Jen provides to us. We have too much fun to tend to and need great health! Dr. Jen and a good, clean diet helps us in achieving that fun!" — Terri Ingram, mom of 5


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have had headaches on a daily basis for over 5 years. I've tried several different types of migraine medications, over-the-counter and prescription. None worked. After my second visit with Dr. Jen, I had my first headache-free day! I am less aggravated and in a better mood overall. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jen to everyone I know. -"
    Angel Mustafa, 4/17/2015